Employee Background Screening and Drug Testing

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Avoid Hiring Problematic Employees with Careful Screening

The search for today’s top talent shouldn’t feel like a gamble or a game of chance during the hiring process. Take the gamble out of the equation when taking on new employees by allowing IRM to conduct thorough and complete background checks.

Combining extensive background checks with a mandatory drug testing process for new hires eliminates the possibility of hiring a new employee with any type of criminal background or a drug problem.

Through careful screening, you’ll greatly reduce the possibility of employee theft, litigation, or problems that may arise due to an employee on board with a drug problem.

Background Screening Process

A background screening includes more than a mere criminal background check. It includes credit checks, sex offender directory checks, motor vehicle record checks, and verification of all information provided by potential candidates for the job on their applications and/or resumes.

Would you believe that a staggering 50% of candidates applying for a job will fill out an application or resume with false information? That number is astounding and avoidable with careful employee background screening before hiring a new employee.

Additionally, digging deep into a candidate’s background could help you to visualize what the future job performance of the employee will be like.

Mandatory Drug Testing

If you want to avoid hiring new employees with a drug history or with a present drug problem then you’ll want to include mandatory drug testing during the hiring process. This will help you to weed out the employees with drug problems. By eliminating the possibility of hiring a candidate with a drug problem, you’ll greatly reduce your chances of liability issues and theft.

With the rise of employment related litigation and awards that have exceeded $250,000, not counting the amount of money an employer has to pay out in defense fees, hiring a new employee with an unfavorable background is something that small business owners just can’t afford to do. That’s why IRM is here to help.

We offer a wealth of services to employers, including extensive background and resume checks, that help empower employers in their attempt at avoiding the possibility of hiring a potentially problematic employee.