About Us

Our payroll processors and HR experts at Infiniti Resource Management (IRM) are skilled professionals with years of experience providing  payroll, human resource services, and employee benefits management to companies both large and small.

Streamlining your payroll by utilizing a payroll outsourcing company can save you time and money. Our team at IRM can handle payroll processing, direct deposit of payroll checks, tax payments, and compliance issues for small enterprise companies, allowing you to focus on growing your business without endless piles of paperwork for payroll purposes. IRM will track and administer garnishments, deductions, wage calculations, issuance of year-end W-2s, and provide tailored management reports. Submission of local, state, and federal withholding taxes and all related forms will be handled aptly by IRM. In addition, IRM will stay abreast of changes in state and federal laws and ensure timely compliance with the changes as needed.

When it comes to employee benefits management, allow our benefits specialist to accurately process new insurance applications, claims, and COBRA compliance, in addition to 401(k) plans, health, vision, dental plans, and  long-term disability insurance and section 125 Cafeteria plans for your employees. This takes the burden off of your in-office staff, freeing them up to attend to immediate business concerns in your organization.

Human resource services provided by IRM can relieve your staff of time-intensive tasks including FMLA compliance, new-hire packages, and workplace issue advice pertaining to unemployment hearings and more. Monitoring and insuring I-9 compliance will save your staff endless hours, and make sure your organization meets Federal guidelines and mandates, thereby avoiding potential problems or fines down the road.

Hiring a dedicated PEO like IRM to assist in your human resource, payroll, and benefit administration process not only saves valuable time, but can help assure that your company meets all compliance regulations while providing outstanding service to you and your employees.

No more searching for a new-hire packet, or processing garnishment paperwork. Let your time and that of your employees, be focused on the success of your business, while leaving the paperwork and headaches often associated with payroll, benefits, and HR duties to the professionals at IRM.


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